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San Luis Obispo Wine Country Hotels

One of the Most Tranquil & Affordable
SLO Wine Country Hotels

When you choose one of the most sought-after hotels near California Wine Country, you're in for a delicious and memorable treat. Quality Suites SLO wine country hotel offers exceptional rooms that are just minutes from the most beautiful rolling hills of green you're likely to see. There's so much you can do in SLO Wine Country that will leave you feeling recharged and invigorated. Take a tour, enjoy a blissful bike ride through the countryside and attend tastings in the some of the finest wineries in the country. Call us today at 1.805.541.5001 to learn more about traveling to wine country and the benefits of our staying at one of the leading SLO wine country hotels, Quality Suites San Luis Obispo.

Plan Your Trip With Our Hotels Near California Wine Country

We're especially proud to provide our guests with an exclusive visit to three of the most renowned SLO vineyards while staying at our hotel. Choose one, all three, or add the full roster of wineries to your list for an incredible and unforgettable wine tour. Savor that first sip of wine in one of the most beautiful places found in nature. You'll feel like you're in the heart of the Mediterranean as you enjoy all that SLO California Wine Country has to offer.

Edna Valley Vineyards

It's easy to get swept up in the beauty that is The Edna Valley. Consistently rated Best Tasting Room in San Luis Obispo, it's one of the favorite places to visit among locals. The surrounding area is incomparable with its beautiful views of the Paragon Vineyard and volcanic peaks.

Laetitia Vineyard & Winery

Discover the timeless pleasure that Laetitia has to offer when you visit this classic vineyard. Known for its warm hospitality, generous spirit and scenic picnic area,  Laetitia affords its visitors amazing views and decadent wine.

Meridian Vineyards

Join your loved ones in a garden oasis as you sample exclusive fine wines from one of the top vineyards in the nation. The classic tasting room boasts a scenic setting, indulgent samples and a friendly atmosphere.

Tolosa Vineyards

These sustainably farmed vineyards on the coastal hills of SLO grow some of the finest wines you're likely to ever encounter. True to the environment of cooling ocean breezes and long growing seasons afforded by the mild California climate, these vintners earned their renown as "Kings of Sustainability." 

Escape the ordinary when you book a room at one of the premier hotels located near the pristine California Wine Country. Contact us today to book your room and take advantage of our specials and packages.